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HONGBING YUAN stories are what we love to write about

Not because we love to spread around about the things in life that we can feel ashamed about, but because we know that there is always someone who needs to hear that they are not the only one that suffers from certain things in life.

We love to tell you the truth, but don’t identify ourselves with the bad things we endured in our lives. We are not victims, but victors. En that same truth applies to you. We hope to help you to recognize things by writing blog posts and our book so you know you are not alone and you can open up to someone about the things you are dealing with. We desire to talk about the things we usually do not talk about.

Because nothing gives you more loneliness than walking alone with dark hidden secrets you drag along with you.

Strike up a conversation from 0 to 1

A learning manual for strike-up skills that everyone can learn,

The dismantling and strike-up process teaches you how to successfully strike up,

For those who want to meet new friends, fall in love with girls,

Pursue more opportunities for love,

People who promote interpersonal relationships and social interaction between the sexes,

Comes with practice methods for unfamiliar strike-ups

History gives you something special through their book. With their personal stories, they break through the barrier of not talking about certain things n life.

-Hongbing Yuan

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